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Zune 4.0 Marketplace (slowness) fix

September 28, 2009 17 comments

This is a fix for slow Zune marketplace on Win 7, I have tested this on my Win 7 64 bit. Marketplace works fine on my Vista 32 bit and xp 32 bit. You can try this for your Vista 64 bit too. You can find users reporting on this forum

The Fix
Turn off Automatically detect LAN settings in your IE.

  1. Open IE
  2. Click on Tools–> Internet Options
  3. Click on “Connections” Tab
  4. Click button “Lan Settings”
  5. Un-Check ” Automatically detect settings” (this is/was set by default in my Win 7 installation)
  6. Restart IE and Zune (if you had it open)

I found an article for slow saving of documents in SharePoint from Windows 7 client and this was the fix and thought these were related.



Masking SharePoint Created By and Modified By( Making list Anonymous)

September 18, 2009 1 comment


Note: This is for SharePoint environment not configured for anonymous users, usually intranet environment.

Scenario: I have had few request coming where users ask for an Anonymous feature for discussion board or custom list. Few solutions I came across were all around custom Input form and restrictive access to users and hidden views. All of the above seems doable, but I doubt all scenarios are covered for instance RSS Feeds and Web service calls.
OOB SharePoint has a functionality for Survey list which "Show user names in survey results?  " which basically in OM is SPlist.ShowUser = boolean value which is available for all SharePoint list but does it function as expected, Answer is yes.

I decided update my previous Client Tool, Show-Hide fields, which uses web services to Hide List Fields on different Form Pages, it made sense to add additional functionality of Masking User names as well.

It works exactly the same but has an additional Check box for Masking User Information thus.  On how to use the tool check the link here


Below are screenshots for Masking User Info



Tool :




Click Update and Result


Download Link :